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Take the power back!

Every month, you are at the mercy of the utilities and have to pay whatever price they decide to charge you. When the Edison bill comes in the mail, there is a moment of dread when you open it to see how much you owe them for the month. 

Now fast forward to when you have solar panels on your roof. The Edison bill comes, and you actually delight in opening it, because you get to see how much they owe you!

This is the reality for most homeowners who have decided to add solar to their home,

but it's all about working with the right company. See below for our top three criteria:

Why choose Evergreen Solar for your home?

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Work Experience

When selecting a contractor for any project, it is good to know that they have completed many jobs like they are proposing for your home. 

Visit our gallery to see some of many residential jobs we have completed. 

We have 10 years of experience designing, permitting, and installing solar projects.  

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Attention to Detail

At Evergreen, we pride ourselves on our focus on making solar as attractive as possible. Many companies will put a panel wherever it can fit, and run pipe all over your roof. We use the attic if possible, or will run pipe under the house to give you the cleanest install we can. We also provide you with a 3D rendering of the equipment down by your main service panel, so you can approve it before we begin.

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We will get the job done

At Evergreen, we will take the job from start to finish, only requiring some approvals and signatures along the way. We are a one stop shop that handles the permitting, design, equipment procurement, installation, inspection, and connection with your utility.  

Get a free personalized quote by filling out this quick confidential form: 

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